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Superior Propane Industrial Mining

Text Transcript with Description of Visuals

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Narrator: Meet Steve, he's a mining guru who's just getting started on his next project.

A blue silhouette of a man wearing a hardhat.

On-Screen Text: Meet Steve.

When it comes to planning a mine, Steve knows it all. From discovery to reclamation, he's an expert on the complexities of every phase of mining.

On-Screen Text appears in individual bubbles. It says: Discovery. Development. Production. Reclamation.

But there's one thing Steve doesn't know that could make his job a whole lot easier.

Multiple check marks appear next to each thought bubble.

When you partner with superior propane, you'll get more than just fuel for your mine.

A superior propane tank with the Superior Propane logo on it.

You'll have access to a customized energy solution

A map of Canada.

that includes everything you need to get your mine operational and keep it that way.

An animation of a rural mining operation site. An elevator is lowered into a mine shaft.

And Superior has services not just any energy supplier offers.

A superior propane tank with the Superior Propane logo on it.

When you partner with us you get in-field heating solutions, off-grid power generation, underground grid systems, propane storage vaporizers and so much more.

On Screen Text appears in individual bubbles. It says: Exploration. Discovery. Development. Production. Reclamation.

We've got the experts to help design, spec, install, and provide security of supply for all kinds of solutions

On Screen Text appears in individual bubbles. It says: Design. Spec. Install. Supply. Operate.

to heat and power even the biggest projects.

Two bubbles appear. One shows a heating facility. The other bubble shows an excavator next to mine shafts. An arrow connects the two bubbles.

Plus, we know what keeps mining planners up at night. Not to worry. Superior's total energy plan has solutions that cover it all.

Multiple icons appear one at a time. They show the delivery process from tank to delivery. There is a smart tank monitor, a rural mining building, a text message notification, a delivery truck, and 24-7 service.

So when we say we're your total energy solutions partner, we mean it.

A map of Canada. Superior Propane tanks pop up across the country.

Oh! Look, Steve really does know it all. He's calling Superior Propane.

A silhouette of a man calling Superior Propane with a cell phone.

Superior Propane: We're not just a supplier; we're your partner.

A superior propane tank with the Superior Propane logo on it.