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Convenient Auto Propane Fueling Stations

Propane has the largest refueling infrastructure of any alternative fuel in Canada. You can find a Superior Propane dispenser virtually anywhere in the country—and our network is always growing. Refueling with propane has never been easier or more convenient. 
Propane cardlock systems allow you to fill up at gas stations that have a cardlock dispenser. Superior Propane cardlock cardholders can fill vehicles at their own convenience at any of our locations. Cardholders also enjoy the benefits of tracking fuel consumption and expenses with their online account at
For even more refueling options, retail propane dispensers are also available at select gas stations across Canada so you can fill up at public fueling stations, just like you would with gas and diesel.
Find a cardlock ( Cardlock Icon ) or retail ( Retail Icon ) propane station in your province: